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UNLOCK - Kurosaki Ren by lokirz UNLOCK - Kurosaki Ren by lokirz

Edit: hermged I was accepted :iconasdfghplz:

Thank you so much!!

Kurosaki Ren

>Nickname: Kuro-rin

>Age: 16 

>Birthday: November 16th

>Gender: Male

>Height/Weight:  178 cm || 65 Kg

>Year: 2nd Year

>Nationality: Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate:  TBA

 >Club: Archery


Impatient | Ren's patience is basically nonexistent, unless it comes to something he enjoys or likes. Otherwise, he'll attempt it for a few seconds, and if he fails, he tosses it out the window (sometimes literally).

Sadistic | Ren is very sadistic. He doesn't smile often, but when he does, it's usually a deathly sweet smile that promises pain if you don't listen to him. He loves messing with people to see their reactions.

Bipolar | One moment he'll act sweet and responsible, and the other, he'll snap and give you a death glare (if looks could kill...).

Kuudere | Ren is extremely cold to most, but if he opens up, he can be quite warm and caring.

Possessive | "DID. YOU. TAKE. MY. SCRIPT?" (death smile) Yep, Ren is very possessive of both people and his belongings. Don't try to take his things or the people he care about, because he will most likely hunt you down.


- Acting

- Archery

- Original bubble tea and crepes

- Reading with his black cat curled up next to him

- Sleeping in high areas (trees and rooftops)

- Messiness

- Singing (his voice when acting is great, when singing is completely tone-deaf)

- Loud environments

-  Tasks that take a long time to do

- Unnecessary fights (especially if they take a lot of time)


Ren was born in a relatively normal family. However, his parents each expected different things, and eventually divorced. He learned to put up a mask with each of them. His mother expected warm, kind Ren. His father expected manly, cool Ren. When he was at his mother's, he would cook and read with her, and for that purpose, he learned how to cook decent food for them both. When he was at his father's, he would do archery, karate, and calligraphy with him. Ren learned to live separate lives with separate personalities for each parent. He thought he had it figured out: in life, you don't live for yourself, you live to please others. With his friends, his family, he had different personalities for each and every one of them:
Charming with the girls.
Polite and intelligent with the teachers.
Manly and cool with his father.
Warm and kind with his mother.
Joking and humorous with his friends.
Eventually, he had no idea who his true self was. There was nothing in there, only an empty canvas, splashed with different colours at each corner for different people. Nothing in the centre. But he didn't hate it. It was who he was--someone who was always acting. He used it to his advantage, of course. The more he enjoyed it, the more he did it.

>Quote: “...Why do you care?”

>Relationships: TBA

>Voice: Mamoru Miyano…


    -          Death glare if he feels extremely angry, death smile if he wants to be threatening in a passive-aggressive/creepy way

    -          Despises physical contact (he wears gloves most of the time)

    -          When out of uniform, he wears a black cardigan, white button up, and charcoal jeans

    -          Has a black cat named Ichiro

(Has not hatched yet)

>Name:   Shiro 白い

>Gender: Male

>Would be Self: Actor

>Personality: Cold | Quiet | Bratty | Arrogant
Again, he likes acting, so it's hard to tell how he's actually feeling. 


- The spotlight

- Acting

- Reading

- Being a brat on purpose to annoy Ren since Ren's always impatient

- Coffee


- Sweets

- Sports

- Dogs

- Loud places

- Being ignored

>Quote: “Kuro, Shiro, Reinbo!”

>Voice: Saito Ayaka…


- Has a death glare/smile like Ren

- Tends to pout when he doesn't get what he wants

- Loves scary places (dark alleys, haunted houses, etc.)

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